Invest in Good Quality Life

Invest in Good Quality of Life - Costa del Sol According to a recent poll carried out by Eurobarometer on 79 European cities, Costa del Sol capital, Málaga, was found to offer the best quality of life among Spanish cities. Further, it was ranked in the ninth place (preceded by Hamburg, Rostock, [...]

Spanish Property Market

Spanish Property Market Continues its Rapid Recovery Out of the existing 25.5 million properties in Spain, some 700,000 (2.7%) are classified as second-hand and awaiting to be sold together with an additional 470,000 new units. Against this background, the good news is that the Spanish housing market continues its rapid recovery with purchases [...]

Mercado Merced, Málaga

A Visit to the Recently Inaugurated Mecado de La Merced in Málaga Although the city's Historic Centre already has a fair amount of restaurants and bars, the latest addition is the Mercado Merced, a few steps from the birthplace of the city’s most famous son – Pablo Picasso. After six months of renovations, the new [...]

Málaga – Xmas Lights On

Tourists Enjoy Christmas Atmosphere in Málaga Last evening, Málaga’s city centre started to become crowded just before sundown. This, mainly due to the fact that, every year, during the festive season, the Christmas Lights in Málaga are turned on. People gather there, expectantly, wondering how this year’s lighting array will look. Malagüeños, visitors from other [...]

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