Guide to Buy Property

A Practical Guide to Purchase Property in Spain The Spanish Registrars Association (SRA) has published the guide 'Cómo comprar una vivienda en España' aimed at private and institutional investors wishing to purchase property in Spain, and contains step-by-step explanations of the process. This document may equally be useful for those looking for [...]

Tips for Property Investors

How to Make the Right Choice when Buying a Property Buying an investment property is, for many people, one good alternative to diversify their assets’ portfolio and, eventually, securing financial stability in the long run. Although the buy-to-let type of investment is likely to deliver positive returns, there is no guarantee that [...]

Spanish Property Market

Spanish Property Market Continues its Rapid Recovery Out of the existing 25.5 million properties in Spain, some 700,000 (2.7%) are classified as second-hand and awaiting to be sold together with an additional 470,000 new units. Against this background, the good news is that the Spanish housing market continues its rapid recovery with purchases [...]

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