The latest news about the property market in Costa del Sol. We keep you up-to-date about real estate developments, property market share by province and property prices' trends in Spain. We publish articles in which we offer our advice to property buyers in Costa del Sol, and also keep you abreast about interesting cultural events and attractions in Málaga, Marbella and other coastal towns.

Property Market Trends, Advice and News – Costa del Sol

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world both because of its diverse geography as well as the fact that the Spanish are, in general, open, passionate, warm and fun loving. The country’s varied landscape go from green and mountainous northern provinces which are very attractive for trekking and winter sports’ enthusiasts, to the southern ones where you can you can enjoy the year-round warm weather and lovely beaches on the Costa del Sol.

In addition to the above, it is worth noting that the Spanish property market is back in the news as it has started to become quite competitive and fast moving with supply and demand quickly heading towards a healthy balance. In particular, Costa del Sol, home to Málaga and Marbella, continues gaining momentum by attracting people not only who wants to buy a primary or secondary home at very competitive prices but also real estate investors seeking good opportunities to invest projects yielding interesting returns on investment.

Latest news relative to the property market in the Costa del Sol. Our articles provide information and offer advice to all type of property buyers.

Brexit and Spanish Property Market

July 7th, 2016|

Brexit - Threats or Opportunities for Spanish Property Market Following recent UK’s referendum, which resulted in the majority of voters favoring the exit from the EU, many people is asking themselves ‘How could [...]

Guide to Buy Property

April 6th, 2016|

A Practical Guide to Purchase Property in Spain The Spanish Registrars Association (SRA) has published the guide 'Cómo comprar una vivienda en España' aimed at private and institutional investors wishing to purchase [...]

Tips for Property Investors

March 21st, 2016|

How to Make the Right Choice when Buying a Property Buying an investment property is, for many people, one good alternative to diversify their assets’ portfolio and, eventually, securing financial stability in [...]

Invest in Good Quality Life

February 9th, 2016|

Invest in Good Quality of Life - Costa del Sol According to a recent poll carried out by Eurobarometer on 79 European cities, Costa del Sol capital, Málaga, was found to offer [...]

Spanish Property Market

January 29th, 2016|

Spanish Property Market Continues its Rapid Recovery Out of the existing 25.5 million properties in Spain, some 700,000 (2.7%) are classified as second-hand and awaiting to be sold together with an additional 470,000 [...]

‘Golden Visa’ – Spain

January 17th, 2016|

How to Obtain a Resident Visa Through Property Investment in Spain On September 2013, following the approval by both Houses of the Spanish Parliament, and the subsequent publication in the Bank of Spain’s [...]

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