We are fully aware of what owning multiple properties means and how important it is to keep these in good living condition. This is an essential aspect that will help protecting the value of your investment and minimise repair costs.

Our services range from visiting our clients’ properties on a regular basis to checking that all is in good order, to keeping these clean and promptly fixing any issues.


Our services aim at ensuring that the properties we manage are not only spotless but also ones in which everything works.

Once the holidays are over, the natural tendency is to pack, clean the villa or flat and lock the door behind us in the hope that the property will be remain intact. The same applies when a property has been let out to holidaymakers.

Although this should in principle be the case, there are always imponderables like electric power cuts that may damage kitchen’s appliances or the air conditioning system, or water leakages that, if left unattended, may cause neighbors, or tenants, to contact the owners.

We take the housekeeping burden off from our clients, assuming a property administrator’s role. The advantage of being in the same location ensures that issues are promptly and satisfactorily resolved.

Our property management and maintenance services ensure that the property is thoroughly supervised during our clients’ absence, carrying out checks to windows and alarm systems, damp and drainage problems. We also provide cleaning services that ensure the property is in pristine condition whenever required.

Do not hesitate contacting us. We would be pleased to provide full details of our services and fees.